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Having raised a disabled child gave me a unique perspective on bullying and discrimination. This is why I strive to write books that promote acceptance and understanding of all people, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.

Growing up, Leigh unfortunately experienced this on the odd occasion and I noticed it was only when he was outside his normal peer group. Sadly, he quickly became aware that not everyone was as friendly or understanding as he had thought.

Books can be an excellent tool for teaching kids to stand up to bullies and be kind and respectful of others. Medieval Mashup (book 2 in Leigh's Wheelie Adventures series) is a good example of this.

Stories with characters from different backgrounds and abilities give kids positive examples of how to handle bullying. Reading stories that show how different characters handle difficult situations can also help children learn valuable lessons they can apply to their own lives.

I would love to hear from other parents/carers about their children's experiences of being bullied or feeling isolated, and how they overcame those challenges.

What strategies did you use to help them cope with the situation?

Finding the right approach can be difficult, but making sure children understand they are not alone is essential.



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