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People with disabilities have historically been underfunded and underserved.

Having raised a child with a severe physical disability myself, I understand the impact it can have on a family.

Because Leigh passed away in 2016, before the NDIS scheme began in Australia, I'm not familiar with how things are today regarding services and funding. However, I can still recall the struggle we had in obtaining funding assistance for Leigh in order to maintain his quality of life.

Funds were required for specialized wheelchairs to accommodate Leigh's ever-changing body shape due to severe scoliosis and ongoing products for incontinence, medications for epilepsy and chronic infections, wound care items, and later breathing equipment and much more.

This has all been documented in his biography, titled "Leigh, My Amazing Son" which I self-published in 2018. A difficult book to write after his sudden passing, but one I promised him I would write and hope it helps other parents/carers and those living with a disability in some small way.

Additionally, more advocacy is needed to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same resources and opportunities as those without disabilities.

I'd love to hear your story...

Please share your thoughts on this important topic and how you have adapted or are adjusting to the NDIS scheme.

Funding shortages for disabled.



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