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Recently, I had the pleasure of donating a selection of my children's picture books to both local and international special developmental schools.

I found the experience highly rewarding...

I wrote to a number of local schools in my area, and surprisingly only received a few limited responses back. I wondered if schools had a set reading list according to their curriculum and therefore hesitant about accepting my offer.

I then approached a few overseas schools mainly in the US, at this stage, to which I received an overwhelming response.

As a self-published author (through Ingramspark) I'm able to publish and have my books delivered to schools globally. I'm pleased to report that all the books were successfully delivered, both here and abroad.

It can be an expensive exercise, which I'm fortunate to be able to do from time to time. In spite of this, the joy it brings to the children is incalculable, which is why I began writing and publishing after losing my youngest son.

Therefore, I would encourage other authors to consider donating their books to special developmental schools or hospitals if they are in a position to do so.

As authors and parents, we know that reading is a crucial part of every child's development, and it is especially important for children with disabilities - it can help broaden a child's understanding of the world and introduce them to new experiences.

Here are a few sites you might like to consider donating to;

Please share your experiences if you have donated books in the past and where

or if you are considering donating books.

Certificate of appreciation for donating books
Another beautiful thank you gesture from the students of Yarraville SDS



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