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The Mysterious Pool

The Mysterious Pool is a enchanting Chapter book for children
Literary Titan Gold Book Award.png

By Charlene McIver
Illustrations by Zoe Saunders
Published June 2021
ISBN 978-0648417859

Ready for an incredible adventure?

Come join Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo on their journey to

Grandma's mysterious property!

This award-winning chapter book is full of hidden tunnels, magical potions, and talking animals that will captivate and amuse young readers and animal lovers. Learn about mother nature and the importance of protecting endangered species.

Leigh's wheelchair doesn't limit his exploration of the property

or his ability to help his friends protect its secrets.

Plus, he meets an ethereal guide who inspires him to go after

his dreams!


So, gear up and join Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo on their extraordinary journey to see what surprises await them!

Literary Titan Gold Book Award.png

Thomas Anderson

 "This is a great book for kids because it is both entertaining and educational. 

The Mysterious Pool is a wonderful children’s book that captures the literal way children may communicate and the boundlessness of their imagination in the way they see their world.


This is such an adorable and inspiring book that any child will surely love and I highly recommend it."

         July 2021 


Kirkus Review 

"Charlene gives her character a way to experience mobility that celebrates rather than erases his wheelchair. This type of lovely scene is hard to find in children's books. The fantasy of saving endangered species and habitats also has strong appeal as well as the fun of potions, talking animals, and hidden wonders."          


        July 2021

The Prairies Book Review

"An expertly woven and enchanting tale…

Charlene McIver combines adventure and magic to create an engrossing story of friendship, perseverance, acceptance, and understanding in her latest.


McIver’s taut, crisp prose conveys both character and emotion, and she succeeds in weaving together the vast detail:

Leigh’s confidence and easy acceptance of his disability, the trio’s endearing friendship, the environmental concerns, and wild-life habitat issues among others are woven in nicely.

McIver shines in her rendering of her protagonists, skillfully capturing both the youngsters’ excitement about a new adventure and the seemingly nonchalant way they try to deal with scary situations. Leigh is not easy to forget.

The book should easily make it to elementary-school readers’ bookshelves".


                                     August 2021

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