Charlene McIver                              Author 

Promoting self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship, kindness,                                       resilience, and adaptability.                            

My stories highlight some of the challenges children with disabilities face. 

They were inspired by my late son, Leigh who passed away suddenly in 2016

(aged 33 years old) from complications related to his disability.

These stories are dedicated to Leigh and other children with disabilities for their

courage, strength, and determination.          

Medieval Mashup
A Gold Star Winner!




Reviewed by: Claire Ward-Dutton Little Parachutes, March 2022.

"In this charming picture book, a group of children (including Leigh, a wheelchair user) work together to support each other to make costumes for a school event.
Leigh is struggling with feelings of self-consciousness and frustration, but he successfully overcomes this.

Once again, author Charlene McIver has woven an engaging and helpful story together featuring genuinely likeable and realistic characters, which are further shaped into life by Caroline Key’s beautiful watercolour and pencil illustrations."


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