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Charlene McIver
Author of
Leigh's Wheelie Adventures series

Looking for books to build young minds and hearts?

My collection of inclusive picture books promotes

self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship, kindness,

resilience, and adaptability.

Explore the possibilities today!

Charlene McIver Author of specialty children's books.

"My stories celebrate the courage, strength, and determination

of children with disabilities.

Inspired by my late son Leigh, who passed away in 2016,

these stories are a tribute to him and all children with disabilities who face challenges every day. 

QR code on the back covers to enjoy a full animated video while reading along - a fun way to enhance your child's comprehension

and literacy."

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Children's lit experts stress the need for positive disability portrayals. It's crucial for children with disabilities to see themselves in literature, while others absorb affirmative images. Unfortunately, many depictions rely on stereotypes or negative images that disempower disabled characters.

Enter "Squishy Sand," a refreshing book offering an honest, positive portrayal of disability. Focusing on empowerment and friendship, it avoids stereotypes.

While acknowledging Leigh's challenges, it's a heartwarming story about shared experiences rather than just disability, making it simple, positive, and uplifting.

Review by Dr Jen Harrison November 2020.

Leigh's Wheelie Adventures proudly supports  
Special Developmental Schools, hospitals & organizations
through book me today.



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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