Charlene McIver                               Author 

Promoting self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship, kindness, resilience,

                       and adaptability.                                                            

My stories highlight some of the challenges children with disabilities face. 

They were inspired by my late son, Leigh who passed away suddenly in 2016

(aged 33 years old) from complications related to his disability.

These stories are dedicated to Leigh and other children with disabilities for their

courage, strength, and determination.          


Leigh's Wheelie Adventures
Book 3

Nature Study Buddies

As part of their school nature study project, Leigh and his friends, Tara and Cosmo, investigate the nocturnal animals that live in the trees.

However, Leigh’s in a wheelchair, so how will he climb a tall tree?

Beautifully illustrated by Claudia Gadotti.

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