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Interview with the
Australia Literacy Educators’ Association’s 
Practical Literacy: The Early and Primary Years (PLEPY)

Q "Why do you strongly advocate for empowering children to recognize their inner strength through learning and encouragement?"

A "Having raised a child with a severe physical disability and ongoing health concerns, there was always a flood of emotions—anger, fear, and anxiety—for the whole family during the long, exhausting hospitalization and recovery periods. Therefore, it was essential to engage in various fun activities and create empowering stories whenever possible, in which the super-smart boy in the wheelchair always played the role of the hero.


My goal is to continue advocating for children with special needs, and I hope my stories will inspire and empower all children in some small way."



The ALEA October 2022 edition
(pages 42 & 43)

Emily Who
reading Squishy Sand on her You Tube channel.

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