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Medieval Mashup

Book 2
Leigh's Wheelie Adventures

Medieval Mashup Book 2 in Leigh's Wheelie Adventures

By Charlene McIver

Illustrations by Caroline Keys

Published February 2022

Leigh uses a wheelchair and just wants to look
brave and strong...
School friends Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo are making costumes for their Medieval Fair. But Leigh is afraid of looking silly and keeps snapping at his friends.
Will Leigh overcome his fear of not looking cool and make up with his friends?
A beautifully illustrated story about courage, inclusion, friendship, and fun.


QR Code on the back cover to watch the full animated video and read along.

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Little Parachutes

"While children living with a disability may recognize some of their own experiences, challenges, and feelings in this story, ‘Medieval Mashup’ is a great choice for any child. It encourages everyone to support and work in harmony with their friends, and to find strength to be proud of their own unique identity." Little Parachutes
March 2022
Medieval Mashup wins a Gold Star from Little Parachutes

Review by Ivana7


'This book mesmerized me with its graphical aspect...

I give Medieval Mashup 4 out of 4 stars. It is a real little gem that can be an ideal gift for all children who feel different.

I think it can boost their morale and confidence. I would also recommend that all lower-grade teachers read this book to their students. Children can sometimes be cruel and give inappropriate comments to others who are different, and they are unaware of how those comments can affect others." 

Online Book Club June 2022             



Shrubaboti Bose

"An inclusive portrayal of ordinary characters takes an extraordinarily endearing turn...

The representation of disability in children's literature is sadly very few and far between, so it's quite a pleasant surprise to find our little protagonist seated in a wheelchair. What is truly admirable about the characterization and writing style of this particular story is the way in which such a unique portrayal is still rendered very ordinary, not at all out of place.

The author acts more like a medium through which the whole scene is enacted and brought to life. In the end, they not only enjoy getting their costumes ready together but also do so while making Leigh feel self-assured and empowered.

Overall, the story is simple and beautiful." reedsydiscovery review April 2022 



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