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Nature Study Buddies
Book 3
Leigh's Wheelie Adventures series 

By Charlene McIver

Illustrations by Claudia Gadotti

Published November 2022

A school nature study project makes Leigh anxious as he attempts to keep up with his more able-bodied classmates.

After discovering an easier way to complete the exercise, he embraces nature rather than attempting to climb a tree with his friends.

An uplifting story of friendship, inclusion, and self-awareness.

QR Code on the back cover to watch the full animated video and read along.

Nature Study Buddies Book 3 in Leigh's Wheelie Adventures

Readers' Favourite

Four Star to Nature Study Buddies from Readers' Favourite

"Nature Study Buddies is an uplifting children’s picture book lovingly written by Charlene McIver.

Charlene narrates an optimistic story about diversity and friendship. Leigh is a child with a disability and has to use a wheelchair to move around. Because of this, he cannot take part in all the activities that able-bodied kids can.

Charlene’s message is hopeful and encouraging as she shows that just because you might have some limitations, you can still have fun and contribute equally. Claudia Gadotti illustrates the study buddies’ adventures. Her watercolor drawings are soft and beautiful to bring out the emotional message of the story.

This is a wonderful book for any child to read, feel special, and learn about inclusivity, confidence, and friendship."

Reviewed by Melanie Kennedy for Readers' Favorite November 2022

Beautiful illustrations by talented
Claudia Gadotti.

"Claudia Gadotti’s art is breathtaking on both a technical and aesthetic level, lush colors combining with perfectly weighted brushstrokes to create indelible, realistic scenes."
...Reedsy Amazing Children's Book Illustrators.



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