Leigh, My Amazing Son

He carried his disability with

grace and dignity.

By Charlene McIver

    Published December, 2018

 ISBN 978-0648417804



A moving biography sharing personal insight into the life of a man struggling with a severe physical disability. Follow Leigh and his mother through the many surgical procedures and ongoing medical appointments; breathing equipment, orthotics, and customized wheelchairs Leigh required to maintain a good quality of life. Learn how the family copes with hospital shortfalls, and sadly discrimination.


..."A beautifully written story of a mother's love for her son and the many difficulties as well as treasured memories Charlene faced with a son with a disability. The hoops one must climb through for support both financially and medically are eye-opening. A wonderful read which had me crying as well as laughing at times..." Kerry.


... "The beautiful personality of Leigh and his loving family flows from the pages. Readers will be changed by their reading of this: someone will become more compassionate in their attitude towards disability, someone will carefully question a medical practitioner, someone will call out discrimination, someone will seek help..." Annette.