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Leigh, My Amazing Son

He carried his disability with

grace and dignity.

Leigh, My Amazing Son a moving biography of the life of a baby born with a disability.

By Charlene McIver

    Published December, 2018

 ISBN 978-0648417804

This is a moving biography that provides insight into the life of a child born with a severe physical disability.

Follow Leigh and his mother through the many surgical procedures and medical appointments Leigh needed to maintain a good quality of life, including breathing equipment, orthotics, and customized wheelchairs.

Discover how the family copes with hospital shortfalls, medical negligence, and sadly discrimination.

In this book, many of the events described will connect strongly with anyone living with a disability, a caregiver,

or simply someone who has compassion for others.

Kerry L. Australia

"A beautifully written story of a mother's love for her son and the many difficulties as well as treasured memories Charlene faced with a son with a disability. The hoops one must climb through for support both financially and medically are eye-opening. A wonderful read which had me crying as well as laughing at times..." 

Annette, Australia

"The beautiful personality of Leigh and his loving family flows from the pages. Readers will be changed by their reading of this: someone will become more compassionate in their attitude towards disability, someone will carefully question a medical practitioner, someone will call out discrimination, someone will seek help..." 

Christine Blackburn - Physiotherapist

"It has always been a concern to me personally that our health system fails to recognise the journey that many of our patients travel and sometimes how demanding that journey is on their families.
That we particularly fail those with a disability who have to engage with the health system continually throughout their lives.
The NDIS is seen as the panacea for those with a disability but until the health system commits to providing a level of care that their health condition demands, then all the money thrown at the NDIS will not bring them the quality of life they deserve." 
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