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My Story

While my previous career was in accounts, my passion has always been writing and storytelling.

My late husband and I with our two sons, Jason and Leigh live in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

The stories I write are based on the life of my youngest son, Leigh.

Leigh was born in 1982 with a severe form of spina bifida. Sadly, he passed away in 2016 from complications relating to his disability.  

Since Leigh was always eager to share his experiences, it was my privilege and honour to write his biography after his unexpected passing and to share some of the challenges that people with disabilities may experience.​ 'Leigh, My Amazing Son' Leigh's biography was independently published in 2018.


Following the completion of Leigh's biography, I decided to create a fun picture book series starring a protagonist in a wheelchair. 

When my children were young, I remember searching the bookstores for children's stories featuring children using wheelchairs only to be directed to the medical section. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today.

‘Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures' series was created in 2020

and features three young friends who overcome some difficult problems in a humorous and delightfully resilient way, loosely based on Leigh's experiences as a child.

Leigh's Wheelie Adventures proudly supports Special Developmental Schools, hospitals, and other organizations through book donations.

These stories are dedicated to Leigh and all children with disabilities for their amazing courage, strength, and determination.          

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