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My Story

My past career started in accounts. But deep down, my true passion has always been writing and spinning tales.

Together with my late husband, we built a life in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with our two beautiful sons, Jason and Leigh.

My storytelling roots run deep, particularly in the life of my youngest son, Leigh. He came into this world in 1982, facing the immense challenges of living with a severe form of spina bifida. Sadly, in 2016, Leigh passed away from complications related to his disability. His impact on me was profound, and it inspired me to embark on a heartfelt mission: writing his biography.

I approached this task with deep honor and privilege. In 2018,

I proudly released "Leigh, My Amazing Son," an independently published work that aimed to shed light on the unique struggles faced by individuals with disabilities. Leigh's willingness to share his experiences served as my guiding light.

Completing Leigh's biography filled me with a desire to create something even more accessible and enjoyable.

In my earlier years as a parent, I distinctly remember searching bookstore shelves for children's stories featuring characters who, like Leigh, utilized wheelchairs, only to be directed toward the medical section. Thankfully, times have changed, and I am delighted that such limitations are no longer prevalent today.

In 2020, I took a leap and introduced the whimsical

"Leigh's Wheelie Adventures" series. These delightful picture books star a vibrant protagonist in a wheelchair, offering kids and parents alike a lighthearted journey. The stories revolve around three spirited friends who tackle challenges with humor and unwavering determination, drawing inspiration from Leigh's own childhood experiences. To complement the engaging narratives, the series features incredible illustrations crafted by exceptionally talented artists, Caroline Keys, and Claudia Gadotti. 

What's even better is that through these books, I've been able to support Special Developmental Schools, hospitals, and other organizations by donating copies.

These stories are my heartfelt dedication to Leigh and all the incredible children with disabilities. Their courage, strength, and unwavering resolve continue to inspire us all.

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