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My Story

I started my career in accounts, but deep down, my true passion has always been writing and storytelling.

Together with my late husband, we created a life in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, raising our two wonderful sons, Jason and Leigh.

Leigh was born in 1982 and faced many challenges due to his severe form of spina bifida. Tragically, in 2016, Leigh passed away from complications related to his disability.


His sudden passing had a profound impact on our family and inspired me to write his biography. "Leigh, My Amazing Son" was independently published in 2018 and aims to shed light on the unique struggles faced by individuals with disabilities while honouring my late son. Leigh's willingness to share his life experiences with others was always his mission and this served as my guiding light.

After completing Leigh's biography I then decided to create something fun for the younger reader. I have memories of searching bookstores for children's stories when my boys were young featuring a protagonist using a wheelchair and being directed to the medical section. Thankfully, things have changed today I'm delighted to say.

In 2020, I self-published the whimsical picture book series "Leigh's Wheelie Adventures." These delightful stories feature a vibrant protagonist in a wheelchair and his two spirited friends Cosmo and Tara. Names after much-loved family pets that have since passed. Cosmo was a white poodle boy, and Tara was a beautiful Balinese cat.

Through humor and unwavering determination, the trio deal with various challenges Leigh faces while using his wheelchair. The stories are loosely based on Leigh's own childhood experiences.


The series features exquisite illustrations by the extremely talented artists Caroline Keys and Claudia Gadotti.

These stories are dedicated to Leigh and all children with disabilities for their courage, strength, and determination.

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