Squishy Sand   Leigh's Wheelie Adventures (Book 1)



By Charlene McIver

Illustrations by Caroline Keys

Published October 2020

ISBN 9798512607596 

Inspired by Leigh's hopes and dreams growing up as a child - a fun-filled adventure story with Leigh and his friends discovering hilarious ways around some difficult problems.

Beautifully illustrated by Caroline Keys. Picture book for ages 5 to 10 years.



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                      Little Parachutes Gold Award Winner

"Squishy Sand has been awarded a Gold Star by Little Parachutes for the highest quality and most helpful book in their library."
Categories: Acceptance & Inclusion, Confidence & Self-esteem, Courage, Disabilities, Friendship & Getting along, Kindness, Resilience/adaptability.
"This engaging picture-book features Leigh, a disabled child who uses a wheelchair. It highlights some of the everyday obstacles that wheelchair users have to cope with. A great choice for any child, reinforcing the importance of empathy, resilience, teamwork, kindness and creative thinking."


Reviewed by Claire Ward-Dutton, November 2020. 
Founder, Little Parachutes                 


                                                Literary Titan Award                       

Author Charlene McIver does a fantastic job of showing the different issues people struggle with. She shows that even if someone is in a wheelchair, they’re still capable of having fun and doing the same things everyone else does. The story shows how empathetic and kind Leigh’s friends are, encouraging children to copy that behavior. This book provides fantastic opportunities to talk to children about these topics and also gives some great examples of how these ideas apply in the real world. The art in the book is a wonderfully vibrant blend of sketch and water color styles.

Squishy Sand is an educational children’s story that teaches young readers valuable life lessons and problem solving using creativity, all wrapped up in a fun little beach adventure. This book shows that it’s important to be understanding and patient with people that struggle with a disability. The story is fun and entertaining for the audience. Overall, the book is a great read for children to learn about others, and how to help them!

Reviewed: March, 2021. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

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Isla loves her Squishy Sand, it's her "special" book. It takes pride of place in her playroom.


Bodie enjoying his Squishy Sand picture        book sitting in his comfy armchair.